Art of Play

August 2019

Tennis rackets strike and clash against the sound of the tumultuous sea. Little feet sink in and out of burning sand, bouncing quickly. Chests golden as the sun, hair wet as the sea. Agile, their bodies meet in fight: thrusting, resisting. Coughing, choking. Pulling, poking. The boys are pirates, their rackets, swords.

Deep in seaweed and sand, they tumble into the mouth of the roaring sea. Slipping— spinning—they disappear into the clear water.

Time ceases to exist underwater.




Slowly, as the waves recede, two boyish figures rise from the depths. Their laughter echoes louder than the sea. Their skin glitters under the summer sun. They are alive; they are free.


In the magical world of children, playtime is a sacred activity. Regardless of conditions, children can completely immerse themselves in play. Through this experience, they learn, create, discover, explore, grow, and heal. In this creative act, they are free. 

A child’s mind is always open to possibilities. Children see the world with such wonder, that the realm of make-believe and reality blend into one. Their imagination—fertile and untamed—runs uninterrupted. A quiet morning at the beach transforms into a thrilling adventure.

In truth, we never lose our ability to play; we only limit ourselves to what we play. As we grow older, our thoughts tend to revolve more around the material world: what we can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear. All else is make-believe.

But what if we could reclaim our ability to truly immerse ourselves in a creative act? Not once in a while—not for the sake of our children or professions—but for ourselves. Before the precious days of summer are over, I invite you to spend a moment in play.

Paint with your hands the fiery hues of the raging sun. Bake that oozing chocolate cake. Tend to your wild garden. Swim the vast open sea. Connect the stars before you fall asleep tonight. Dream awake as you would when you were a child…

We come to life in play, and we feel outside of time when we are mesmerized.

Enjoy your summer while it lasts, xx.

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